Basic Fuchsin

Basic Fuchsin is a green, crystalline and solid fluorescent dye composed of rosaniline, magenta II, pararosaniline, and new fuschsine and has been used for Ziehl-Neelson staining to detect acid-fast bacilli detection. It has been shown that Basic Fuchsin can be used for staining of tubercle Bacillus, bacterial flagella, and to compare Escherichia coli and Aerobacter aerogenes.

Product Specifications:

Catalog Number: ZXB-09-193

CAS Number: 632-99-5

Synonyms: Basic Violet 14, Rosaniline, Magenta

Formula: C20H19N3.HCl

Molecular Weight: 337.8

Storage: RT

PubChem Chemical ID: 12447


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