Benzamidine Hydrochloride

Benzamidine HCl is a strong reversible inhibitor of serine proteases such as trypsin, thrombin, plasmin and other trypsin-like proteases with Ki values of 35, 350, and 220 µM for trypsin, plasmin, and thrombin, respectively. Benzamidine HCl is use at a concentration of approximately 1 mM for general protease inhibition. It has also shown same effectivity as aprotinin in preventing of glucagon degradation in human plasma.

Product Specifications:

Catalog Number: ZXB-09-195

CAS Number: 1670-14-0

Synonyms: N/A

Formula: C7H9ClN2

Molecular Weight: 156.61

Purity: >97%

Storage: 4°C

PubChem Chemical ID: 80289


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