Bovine Serum Albumin - Biotechnology grade (Nuclease-free)

Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) also referred as Fraction V (as it has been originally found in the fifth ethanol fraction using Cohn′s cold ethanol precipitation method) is a Serum Albumin Protein derived from bovine serum with a molecular weight of 66.4kDa. It is a water-soluble protein which consists of 583 amino acids. It consists of three homologous domains which have been formed by six α-helices.
Albumin is the most abundant protein of the serum (about 60% of the total protein content of plasma). which regulates the osmotic pressure and pH of blood, and transports a wide variety of endogenous and exogenous compounds such as fatty acids, metal, amino acids, steroids and drugs.

BSA, Biotechnology grade (Nuclease-free), has been prepared by Cold Alcohol Isolation method and is DNase/RNase free. With more than 99% purity, this BSA can be used for a wide number of molecular biology and biotechnology applications.


Product Specifications:

Catalog Number: ZXB-06-136

CAS Number: 9048-46-8

Synonyms: BSA

Molecular Weight: ~66 kDa

Purity: >99%

Source: US Origin

Storage: 4°C


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