D-Biotin, also known as vitamin H, coenzyme R or vitamin B7 (water-soluble member of the B vitamins) is an organic heterobicyclic compound which consists of 2-oxohexahydro-1H-thieno[3,4-d]imidazole having a valeric acid substituent attached to the tetrahydrothiophene ring. D-Biotin is involved in various biological processes such as fatty acid and amino acid synthesis, as well as gluconeogenesis and therefore widely used in cell culture. It is also involved in biotinylation of proteins and nucleic acids.

Product Specifications:

Catalog Number: ZXB-09-301

CAS Number: 58-85-5

Synonyms: Biotin, Bios II, Vitamin B7, Coenzyme R

Formula: C10H16N2O3S

Molecular Weight: 244.31

Purity: >98%

Storage: 4°C

PubChem Chemical ID: 171548


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